1 Year Filter Bundle for Defender Air Purifier and Majestic Vacuum

1 Year Filter Bundle for Defender Air Purifier and Majestic Vacuum

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FilterQueen Majestic & Defender Kit (12 Month Bundle)

The Annual System Bundle includes:
(1) Medi-Filter:  The Medi-Filter provides three times better-than-HEPA filtration to reduce pollutants such as dust, dust mites, pollen and mold spores.

(2) Enviropure Charcoal Filter Wraps:  The Enviropure Charcoal Filter Wrap is made with HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) material, which is highly effective at reducing pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pet odors and lingering cooking odors.

(12) Primary Pre-Filter BioCones:  This filter must always be used when operating the Majestic. It creates a nearly impenetrable wall against pollutants and protects the life of your Majestic motor.

(2) Medipure Premium Filter Cones:  The Medipure Premium Filter Cone contains a layer of non-woven, microfiber media that reduces dust mites, pollen, common bacteria, pet dander, odors, and other allergens.

(2) Motor Guards (Flat Disc Filter):  The Motor Guard (Flat Disc Filter) safeguards your Majestic motor to keep it in optimum working condition.

How often to change your filters:
Medi-Filter:  Change once every year.  For best results, change every 6 months for homes with pets or smokers.
Enviropure Charcoal Filter Wraps:  Change every 3-6 months.  For best results, change every 3 months for homes with pets or smokers.
BioCones:  Change at least once a month.
Medipure Premium Filter Cone:  Change every 6 months.
Motor Guard (Flat Disc Filter):  Change every 6 months.